• Mark Dearnley

What’s your background like?

Now we are about half way through this lockdown I imagine many of us are sharpening our online meeting skills. Practice makes perfect, and all that.

One of the preoccupations with online meetings and broadcasting platforms is the fascination with backgrounds. From coats and hats on the hallway stand to bookcases laden with good reads, or just a thoughtfully chosen blank wall or closed curtain, quite a bit of air time has been given to speculating about what our background might say about us.

More creative options I’ve seen are a background of a holiday destination, or an interior shot of St Paul’s Cathedral, a dinosaur, an icon, a football stadium – the choice is endless. It made me wonder what I’d like to be placed in front of.

Having had an ambition to be an astronaut (when I was 7) I like the moon, the night sky and the wonder of space. Ambition aside this speaks to me of the vast expanse of God’s creation and yet his intimate and detailed care and love for me and each one of us.

What would you choose? Or what would someone in your household choose for you? And why?

In your mind’s eye imagine the scene you’d like, and then wonder about what this says to you about God, and you.

Here’s a prayer for this coming week:

God of our background and foreground, we thank you for the rich tapestries woven around us that add depth, texture and colour to life. In all our conversations and activities help us to perceive your presence in the lives and homes of those we meet with. And within the beauty of your world may our prayer be for the good of all. Amen.

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