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We ring for Sunday services and practise on Mondays (from 8pm). Visitors are always welcome.

St Peter's has a fine ring of ten bells, with a tenor weighing approximately 24 cwt (1,220kg) in E flat. The tower is close to the eastern end of the church. The entrance is on the northern side next to the corridor that runs between the church and the octagonal church hall. There are 50 steps to the Ringing Chamber, which is about 23 feet (7.5m) square and there is seating for about 20 people. For more information about our bells, see our Bells page. For more information about the tower, see the Tower page.

The bellringers come from all walks of life and range in experience from beginners to peal and quarter peal-ringing experts. New learners are always welcome so, if you are aged at least 12, why not give it a go? An electronic simulator is linked to all ten bells and a computer running Abel software allows bells to be rung with no external noise when teaching. See our Links and Contacts page for contact information.


We ring from 9.50am on Sunday mornings and from 4.20-4.55pm before Evensong. Evening ringing is sometimes preceded by a training session, quarter peal or peal. We also ring for services on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Ascension Day, and whenever possible we ring the old year out and the new year in. We practise every Monday from 7.50-9.30pm. Practices cater for all ringers in attendance and may include anything from rounds and call changes to basic and more complex methods including surprise royal. 

Our tower is one of four in St Albans where there are bells used for traditional change ringing. These towers, along with 16 others, make up the St Albans District of the Hertford County Association of Change Ringers (HCACR).

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