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A church wedding is something rather special.  Couples who would like to celebrate their wedding at St Peter's are very welcome. To find out more please read on or contact the Church Office to make an appointment to talk to a member of clergy.

Tel: 01727 855485


Changes in recent years to marriage legislation mean that marriage in a particular Church of England parish church is now possible on the basis of a wider range of connections.  These include if you have been baptised in the parish; or had your confirmation entered in the church register book; or had at any time had your usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months; or have at any time habitually attended public worship at St Peter's for at least 6 months; or if a parent during your lifetime has had their usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months; or has habitually attended public worship for at least 6 months; or if one of your parents or grandparents was married in this parish.  Even if none of these apply, you may still be able to get married at St Peter's if you decide to commit to regularly attend St Peter's Church over a 6 month period.

To find out which Church of England parish you live in try the following website:



If you are a foreign national, you will need to marry by licence.  Please advise the office, when you make your appointment to see a member of the clergy for your first meeting.  Please note that if a licence is required, one party must be baptised.

If one of you is divorced, we are happy to talk to you about re-marriage in church, but we will need to have several in depth discussions with you first and we will need to seek the Bishop's approval.  Please can you advise the office when you book to see a member of the clergy.



If you live in our parish and are getting married at another church and would like us to read your banns then please let us have the following information:

  • Full names of bride and groom and address(es) including post code(s)

  • Date and place of your wedding, including the name of the church where you will be married

  • We will advise you the dates that your banns will be read - this has to be three consecutive Sundays, within three months of your wedding date, and we shall read your banns at the start of our 10am Holy Communion service.

  • There is a fee to pay (currently £48) when you collect your banns certificate.

Please email the church office who will be able to send you a banns form to complete.


Booking the date of your wedding at St Peter's

Whilst it is advisable to have made previous enquiries about the availability of a reception venue, you should not actually book the reception until you know whether a particular date and time will be possible at St Peter's.  On reserving a date a non-refundable deposit of £200 is required, which is deductible from the overall marriage fees.



When you confirm your booking and pay your deposit, please can you provide documentation to prove your identity and address (this must be at least three or four months before the date of your marriage).  This may include: passport or driving licence, birth certificate and a utility bill.

We will complete a Banns Form when you meet the member of the clergy.  This will include your address, occupation and father's name and occupation of both bride and groom.  If any of these details change since you filled out the original form (ie if you have changed address) please advise the office as soon as possible.   

Click here to download the form.


The cost of a wedding

We can usually arrange for an organist, a choir, and a team of bellringers to be available if you would like them

For 2022, fees are:

Statutory Church of England Wedding Fees – 2022

Total if marrying by banns £512

If you are not resident in the parish, you will also need to pay your home parish a statutory fee of £48 for your banns to be

read and for a certificate of calling to be produced

Options / other costs

  • Flowers from £50

  • Organist £125

  • Choir £120

  • Bells after the service only £250

  • Candles in the pew holders £25

 Please note that fees are revised yearly and will therefore increase in 2023. Current fees at date of wedding will be applied.

 Payment is due in full one month before the wedding.


Banns of marriage

If the marriage is taking place by Banns, these will be automatically called at St Peter's but if one party is not resident in the parish banns must be called in the parish where they reside. It is the responsibility of those getting married to arrange this and to obtain a Certificate of Calling which is given to the St Peter's Clergy. (Banns are only current for three months and without a valid certificate a marriage cannot take place.) In certain circumstances banns are inadmissible (e.g. If one party is a foreign national) and you would therefore need a licence to get married.  Please discuss this when you book your wedding.

Service details

The Priest who is to marry you will contact you about 3 months before the wedding date to discuss and plan the service. There is scope to add your own creative touches through readings and/or poetry.  You will need to choose:

Three hymns

One or two readings (one of which needs to be from the Bible)

Organ music for the entrance of the bride and for the exit of the bride and groom and organ music or choir during the signing of the registers.

Wedding Preparation

You will be invited to attend an afternoon session at the start of the year with other couples getting married at St Peter's.  It is a relaxed session where we explore and reflect together on the words and the symbolism of the service.  It is also a chance to talk through any practical concerns couples might have.

Wedding Rehearsal

In the week before the wedding we like to go through the service with you and the bridal party. This includes the best man, the person walking the bride up the aisle and any bridesmaids, maid of honour, flower girls and page boys (anyone walking up the aisle with the bride).  It is useful for a few of the ushers to attend and for the readers (but not essential).  Please arrange a convenient time with the priest taking your wedding.


Service Sheets

These are not absolutely necessary but usually people like to have one.  The minister marrying you will send you a draft outline Order of Service for you to design and print.  Please liaise with the minister through every stage of design and print.  Please see below for some details which will be helpful for your Wedding Service Sheet.  On the wedding day please let us have a few copies of the printed order of service for organist,verger and the minister.



Please phone the Director of Music, Nick 07814 173116, to discuss the music for your wedding.  It is advisable to contact him about 3 months before your wedding.   



Wedding flowers must be booked through the church florists.  There are several options. 

One large pedestal of flowers - £150

Two large pedestals - £250

Candlesticks decorated - £120

To make arrangements and discuss flowers, please contact Annie Apsey on 01582 769566 or

email about three months before your wedding.



Church Office (Mon-Fri 9.30am - 12.30pm): 01727 855485 

St Peter's Church, St Peters Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3HG

More detailed questions may be dealt with by e-mail. Our e-mail address is

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