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The gifts God gives.

This week we began our sermon series looking at the gifts that God gives. We will be considering the topics of care, prophecy, creation, patience and each other. These are all gifts that we may well have become more aware of throughout the pandemic.

I certainly remember receiving care from this church community when I had coronavirus; it took the form of paracetamol, food shopping, and a speedy response to my plea for chocolate! We have heard the prophetic words of the church that have spoken into issues such as Black Lives Matter. At the beginning of lockdown, when there was nothing else to do many of us went for walks and noticed things in creation, things we had often taken for granted. I am certain that we have all needed to be more patient with family and friends, and I certainly have appreciated the patience offered to me when my moods have swung wildly. And as we have been isolated we have realised again, and perhaps more acutely that we were not made to be alone, that we were created to be in relationships with one another.

As I write this there is a huge amount of uncertainty as to how things will develop over the next few weeks. It is unsettling. And so I wonder whether we are, prompted by the sermon series, able to recognise the gifts that God gives us, particularly those that have come to the fore this pandemic. God does not leave us alone, but gives us the resources we need to lift our heads, look around and deal with whatever difficulties come our way. May we find the ability to be grateful, and to use these God-given gifts even in these unsettled times.  

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