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The Gift of Music

One of the really good things about worshipping together again is to be able to sing. Admittedly it is odd to be muffled by a mask in church, but we have got used to far worse things! It just feels so much healthier to have music back at the heart of our worship. It leaves us with catchy tunes, which stay in our heads for a while. And it reminds us of all that we learn about God from the words of great hymns. We will all of us have our favourites. One of mine is ‘Love divine, all loves excelling, joy of heaven to earth come down’.

So before our new church season starts with Advent next Sunday, this seems a good time to give thanks for the level and scope of our music making at St Peter’s. Nick, Alex, our choirs, orchestra and visiting musicians provide us with so much which lifts our spirits and helps us to think through and celebrate our faith. We look forward to their gifts within our forthcoming services, and of course our choral Christmas fair.

Music, in itself, is a language all of its own. It doesn’t demand agreement or specify truths. It only asks that we listen, with open hearts and minds. It attracts many who come to share that experience in church and we are blessed to give them that opportunity.

But, limited here to words, I offer just the beginning of one of our earliest Christian hymns. It echoes the angels announcing the birth of Jesus, and I hope we shall soon sing it together with the joy which lies at its heart:

Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth…

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