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The Coming King

Yesterday was an important day! Why I hear you ask – well the new King or Queen of the Jungle was crowned for this year. Now, I have to admit, that I have not watched any of this year’s I am Celebrity for many reasons, but whilst browsing through social media, I have picked up who was in the Jungle. (Jungle means a place in the Australian bush surround by camera and production crew)! Yesterday, Jill Scott, who was part of the winning England Football team in the summer, won with 12 million votes.

‘I am a Celebrity get me out of here’ is always filmed at this time of year which coincides with the start of Advent in the Church calendar. For most this starts on the 1st December with the opening of Advent calendars and the countdown of Christmas beginning. While Jill maybe the Queen of the Jungle, during Advent we are looking forward and counting down the coming of a different King. A King who was promised long ago and was born to fulfil God’s promise of sending a Messiah. In all the excitement of Christmas being less than a month away Advent can get lost in the excitement of what is coming. Advent for many is a time of watching and waiting for the coming of God’s Son, Jesus, to earth. It is a time of getting ready for Jesus’ coming amongst the plans for seeing family and buying presents and writing cards.

Loving God

In the busyness of this season

Help us to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of your Son


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