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The Best News

Have you had a message, heard the news? Or, more recently, been ‘pinged’? We have reached such a state of weary alertness that some of us are not responding, choosing to turn off the news, even deleting the app. It is difficult now to know what is important and what can wait. We need the slower pace of summer to restore a sense of proportion. It gives us time to ‘come to our senses’: to see what is in front of us, to listen to our neighbours, family and friends, to let taste, touch and smell teach us.

On Friday (August 6th) the Church celebrates the lovely feast of the Transfiguration. We remember how Jesus took a few intimate friends apart. For a brief while they saw him with new eyes, their humble teacher clothed in glory and authority. They didn’t understand the experience then, but they left a record of it to succeeding generations. It inspires us now. Because Jesus continues to seek us out, wanting to show us what is real, what is important, what is true. His message is for all of us, his news is the best of news.

Lord Jesus

give us eyes to see, ears to hear

and hearts to enjoy

your presence everywhere about us,

that we may be renewed

by your desire to reveal yourself

in and through our world.


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