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Springwatch is Back!

I’m a bit of a fan of these nature watch programmes. Chris Packham with his inimitable style of commentary draws me in to a world filled with wonder. Until now it has felt too cold for Spring to have really got going, but the abundance of burgeoning life all around us is a sure sign that now with these warmer days, nature catches up and blooms. Fabulous!

Whether you’ve managed a no-mow-May, or you’ve picked up helpful ideas from eco-church or St Albans Sus-Fest 21, or you enjoyed our brilliant seed-bombing event on Sunday, there are so many ways we can do our bit to work with nature.

In doing this we align ourselves with God the creator who entrusted the stewardship of this world to our care. In our day, perhaps more than any other era of history, we have a big task in supporting the fine balance of nature’s system.

Next time you are in a garden or walking through woods or countryside pause to notice nature around you. Give thanks to God and together let’s ask for inspiration to care for this world in the best ways we can.

God of the beauty that surrounds us, as we know our own frailty teach us to be mindful of this world in all its wonder and fragility. May your love inspire us to faith and works that care and build for the good of all and the glory of your name. Amen

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