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Expect the Unexpected

What a joyful Easter Sunday!

Over 150 of us gathered in the St Peters’ churchyard (& many others on line) to celebrate being together for the first time for quite a while, on the day when we celebrate that everything can end differently.

It was a wonderful service and the sun shone.

A day later it was snowing.

There is a certainty about British weather, which is ‘expect the unexpected’.

As we continue to live the Easter story in coming days, following the extraordinary events of that resurrection day we continue to be told to expect the unexpected.

In fact that was a consequence, in fact a requirement of following Jesus for his friends and disciples. Every day they witnessed miracles or listened to stories that posed puzzles or shared different chapters in an unfolding best seller.

Following Jesus, is an invitation to do life in the company of a risen Saviour. This sacred mystery puts us in the company of those who since that first resurrection day has seen people live in the ordinary of every day but touched with the resurrection power of God’s love.

God’s love carries us, guides us and anchors us as we expect the unexpected.

This past year has intensified our understanding that life is uncertain and fragile. Everyone lives by faith, the question is faith in who or faith in what?

Easter Sunday is an invitation to put our faith in God (again) whose love conquers death and whose love lives within us especially when it snows on a spring day.

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