• Mark Dearnley

A Matter of Time

This weekend the clocks go forward an hour. This relatively recent adjustment to our seasonal time (1916) was introduced to make the most of daylight hours. Since then there have been a few attempts to vary the practice, including a 2 hour advance for summer time in WWII. The current practice remains the most favoured here and around the world.

For some this event at the end of March and October is an easy adjustment and on the relevant Sunday each year life resumes an hour earlier or later with little disruption. However, many with young children (or pets) find it a challenge whilst their body clock catches up.

In the context of our journey through Lent there is merit in the notion of making the most of daylight hours. The metaphor of being children of light is used in the New Testament to remind us that our call is to live in the light of God and to bring that light to others. We are to make the most of the light we have been given.

As this season continues towards Easter let’s use the time to notice God at work around us, brining light and life to all, and as our faith is encouraged and nurtured let’s find ways to help others walk in the light of God too.

Lord of all times and seasons, may I be alive to your presence.

And in this season of lengthening days

may the light of your love warm my heart and guide my steps:

to the glory of your name. Amen.

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