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This Sunday it was Climate Sunday and after we read Psalm 8 Em said her talk could be summed up in one word – WOW! We live in an amazing and beautiful world but we do not always care for God’s creation (World) and other people (Others). Sometimes we feel so small and powerless in the face of complex global issues that we don’t even know where to start.

Em suggested some really practical choices we could make when shopping to reduce our own impact on the environment in a small way. It reminded me that back in early 2020 there was lots of focus on reducing meat consumption and minimising our use of plastic. I started that year with great resolutions. Since then there have been so many other new problems to worry about. While the pandemic may have reduced pollution through travel, it seems to have increased our plastic use, with every item in a lateral flow kit being individually wrapped, as one small example.

As the new term starts I will try to do at least one more thing to reduce my impact on the environment every month. The last W in WOW is for Why? I’m looking forward to exploring theological and social issues surrounding climate change in the Plenty course over the next few weeks and discussing and praying about how we can respond as individuals and as a church.

Creator God,

from the tree of the Garden of Eden,

to the tree in the city in Revelation,

we thank you for your vision of creation healed.

Help us to be your agents of restoration,

tending to the beauty of the Earth,

and enabling your healing of the nations.


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