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Light and Life

There’s something about the length of daylight at this time of year – quite wonderful. I’ve woken before 4am to a growing brightness in the sky accompanied by birdsong, and enjoyed the long and lingering evening light with wonderful hues of pink and purple in the western sky.

The world seems to come to life in these long days.

By contrast I spoke to my mother in Australia the other day, now in the depths of winter. The days are shorter and unusually they are experience extremely cold nights. She said it’s like the world is resting now, waiting for their Spring.

It reminds me of the opening words of Psalm 8: “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

Whether in the depths of winter or the heights of summer there’s no doubt this world, in all its wonder, proclaims the majesty of God.

It also reminds me that as the world around demonstrates God’s creative care in the patterns and rhythms of nature, the same care and creativity is directed at us too. And this is not limited to our own benefit or enjoyment, rather that we might encourage others to appreciate the same care and interest of God in all aspects of life.

Perhaps in this coming week the words of Psalm 8 could be a means of reflection and prayer as we consider our own life and pray for friends, family and this wonderful world.

Creator God,

in the seasons of this world and in the seasons of life

may we know your loving goodness.

So that each will be inspired to enact your care

for this world and one another. Amen.

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