• Mark Dearnley

Just keep swimming...

In the film Finding Nemo, Dory, a blue-tang fish with short term memory loss, uses this song as a reminder not to give up. ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming…’ It’s a wonderful story of friendship and resilience told in the inimitable way that Disney does.

We’ve been spending time remembering the events of this last year, and whilst we continue to come to terms with much unwelcome change we have also noted with gratitude the unstinting support of friends, family and church. I expect we’ve noted too that many have shown the kind of resilience needed to just keep going.

What might your song-mantra be? Just keep going? Just keep praying? Just keep smiling, loving, and singing? Choose a theme that sits well with you, and continue to pray that the God of all hope gives us the means to carry on trusting in him as we journey on.

God who keeps loving, you are the source of life and hope.

As we look back over this year

console sorrowful hearts,

and help us never to give up trusting in your leading

as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Amen.

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