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There is a new online craze that you may have been lucky enough to have missed. It is called wordle and is online only. It is not available on an app on your smart devices. You have 6 attempts to guess the 5 letter word for that day and the guess needs to be actual words rather than random letters. After each attempt it tells you if you have letters in the correct place or correct but in the wrong place or if the letter doesn’t appear at all. You can only play once a day, and in the two attempts I have tried to play the game I have failed both times to guess the right word. On my second attempt I spent ages trying to work out the word with the three letters I had correctly guessed. I didn’t want to hit the enter button until I was 100% sure.

Thankfully when we come before God in prayer and use our words God doesn’t mind if we sometimes get them confused or our prayers come out in a long list of jumbled up sentences. God hears us when we come to him with no words at all, with heavy hearts and God hears us too when we speak in long eloquent sentences. God hears us no matter how the words come out

There is some much uncertainty in the world at the moment with the ongoing pandemic, the cost of living is rising with food and energy bills and the uncertain future of those in leadership positions in government. In all this uncertainty we can hold on to the fact that God is with us in it and hears the cries of our hearts – however jumbled up the words may be.

Loving God, hear us as we come before you with our worries, concerns and anxieties about the world we live in. Hear us when we have no words or can’t find the words to say to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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