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The Spring of Discontent

Today marks the start of the summer term for those in the education system. Although given the weather this morning in St Albans as I write this, you might be forgiven for thinking that summer hasn’t quite started yet despite the warm weather of the last few days. But warmer weather is coming … have you noticed how much lighter it is in the evenings since the clocks changed on Easter day? I am someone who likes the warmer weather and the lighter evenings so have enjoyed the last few days. 


However, there are people across the world who aren’t enjoying life at the moment. As we read the news reports or listen to them on the radio or watch on TV we hear and see of events in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis that is happening, or the Iran attack on Israel, or the continued war by Russia on Ukraine or the other places in the world that don’t get reported on where there is conflict or civil war. For some they aren’t enjoying life due to the lack of clean water, food or shelter. They are finding places of safety from those who which to harm them or trying to stay safe where they are.


It can be hard to try and make sense of all that is happening in the world at the moment especially as in the UK where we don’t have the concerns and worries of others around the world. We have other worries and concerns that can affect us daily.


As Christians we believe in a God who hears and sees all those things that concern us and we can come before him daily with those concerns and worries about the world and about our lives and leave them with God.


Loving God

We see the chaos of the world around us

And the hate and unrest towards others.

We pray that you will be with us

in the concerns and worry that daily life bring.

Help us to leave them with you.


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