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Walking on Water

If you are a regular walker I wonder what your favourite walking surface is. Pavements and flat level hard surfaces? Soft tracks across fields and country paths? Lately the amount of rain has made some of the local favourite walking places so water-logged it has felt more like walking on water. Well, through water. And the mud.

There’s something reassuring about having a good footing, feeling that where you place your foot is secure and likely to be safe.

I like this metaphor of having a good footing. It applies well to life at the moment as we feel our way forward with cautious steps into a better 2021. The encouragement gained by the vaccination programme being rolled out along with songs of hope enable greater confidence in steps being taken this year.

David, king of Israel, reflected this in not dissimilar ways. As he faced the challenges of being wrong-footed by a whole variety of unwelcome experiences he puts his response to song in Psalm 40. Verse 2 captures the heart of his trust in God no matter what, and remains a means of help and inspiration for us today.

“God drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.”

May your walks remind you of God who is our refuge and rock.

God of calm that steadies our pace: may we take whatever moment we need to gather ourselves for the journey ahead. May we feel the rock of your presence beneath us as we trust you in the steps we take each day. Amen.

(A prayer from the Corrymeela community, adapted)

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