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Thinking about Giving

Yesterday in church we spent some time thinking about giving. This is a really tricky topic at the moment when the news is full of a cost-of-living crisis. But we thought about the message that we as Christians have to share- the simple message that we all matter to God. Our instruction from 1 John 4:7 is to love others because God first loved us. Our unique selling point as a church is to share that message with others and whilst we as individuals have opportunities to share the love of God, sometimes it goes beyond us as individuals and opportunities are located in the church:

  • Parents and carers being supported welcomed and loved through baby time, toddler time

  • the gospel message being preached at a funeral or a wedding

  • A warm church that is open through the winter so people who can't afford to get warm any other way can come to this building

  • An open building in which God can be found

Are we able to give (give more?) to St Peters therefore to equip and enable, ensuring that the message “you matter” is one that reaches as many people as possible.

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