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The Return of the Light

‘Little things please little minds’, I seem to remember, was a saying in my school days. Well, perhaps it was never entirely fair. These days I get huge pleasure from consulting a chart showing the times of sunrise and sunset here in St Albans. Did you know that the sun rose today at 8 o’clock, which is exactly 5 minutes earlier than a week ago? Of course if we have a clear day then the sky is light well before that. But if it is cloudy then dawn scarcely seems to happen at all. But we know, from the birds singing and bulbs springing up, that these tiny daily increments of daylight are part of a wonderful picture of our swing towards longer, lighter days. (The change is even faster, of course, in the times of sunset).

We might take courage, then, and hold that knowledge in our hearts as we trudge through some dark and difficult days. The Magi trusted the science of their time and made a hazardous journey towards the shining light of the Christ child. We also can go step by step, keeping good company, towards the enduring light of our lives.

Lord of both the dark and the increasing light,

help us to trust each day’s small gifts.

Guide us towards the fullness of your love,

keeping us mindful of your hopes

for each and every one of us,

and open to your wider purposes

made clear in the life of your Son,

our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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