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Searching with Open Hands

I came across this poem the other day and it made me stop in my tracks:


By Gerard Kelly

I come seeking certainty

You offer me mercy

I want to know I'm right

You tell me I belong

I pray

God teach me how to love

You answer me


I ask you how

To change the world

You say to me

Be changed

I pester you with lists

Of all I have to give

Your whisper in my heart responds


This poem made me stop and think that so often we want God to say particular things to us. Our prayers are often tailored in such a way that invite God to say what we want to hear. And yet what this poem so gently yet powerfully does is remind us that at the very heart of God is love.

God knows what it is we need to hear from him. We may come to him with directions as to what we want from him, and yet simply he wants us to know that we are loved. “Beloved” he says to you and to me.

I am challenged then this week to pray not out of busyness, not with a list of things I want him to do for me, in me, or through me. But to pray with open hands in order to receive from God, and to start from a place of knowing that I am loved.

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