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Prayer on a Global Scale

A prayer for us to use during the week ahead. This is based on our prayers we shared together during our Sunday worship.

The psalmist writes “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

Let's take these words with us through the coming week remembering who we are, the impact of our choices and how we live together in this world.

This week we continue to pray in the aftermath of the change of law (Roe v Wade) in USA for those who are now in crisis and those who seek to support them.

We pray for the Afghan people who are powerless against those who rule them and devastated by the recent earthquake and again find themselves dependent on others’ choices.

We pray for the growing incidence of exploitation and trafficking of women who have fled from Ukraine and are seeking ways to support themselves and their families.

We pray for the desperation of many in our nation who are struggling to see how they can afford to live.

We pray, as Pride month comes to a close, thankful for the signs across the church of welcome and inclusion. Increase our impatience for change. As we travel this road to freedom pour down your spirit of courage on your church to create a different future.

Lord, we name these fellow global citizens as we pray for your spirit to intervene as you have done before. We pray for all those who this week will make choices that will impact on the lives of many who have the power to build up or pull down.

Please raise us up, so our eyes see the way you see the world and it’s people. Give us generous hearts and turn our prayers to action as we offer you our hands, our feet, our voice and our resources to see what we can do to be part of your transformation.

In gentle silence we listen for your voice for what you are calling us to see and do.

"We are fearfully and wonderfully made"

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