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Fruit in Old Age

This week's reflection has been provided by Peter Curtis

“They will bring forth fruit in old age.”

The last 3 years or more has shown me that God can bring forth the best out of people no matter how advanced in years they may be. That God can call us to serve at any time in our lives and does not discriminate as society is prone to do. This has not only been true for me but for many others who have taken on pastoral roles in their local churches or as Anna Chaplains or Anna Friends, while being well into their seventies or eighties.

Three weeks ago I was blessed to have been professed as a Tertiary Franciscan and Sunday was commissioned as a Pastoral Enabler and Lay Leader in Worship while being in the latter part of my seventies. Never had I envisaged having God use me in so many roles at this time of my life – yet He has. This is nothing new to God though, as is shown in his calling to so many of the founding fathers of the Old Testament such as Noah, Abraham and Moses. We are so blessed to have a God who does not see age as a barrier to service.

And a prayer:

Thank you Lord that you do not see age as a barrier to service. That you call us to minister in so many ways no matter that others may see us as useless. Help us all to open our hearts to your calling no matter when in life that may come. Amen.

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