• Mark Dearnley

‘Follow me’

I’ve been following with interest to see how adaptions are made to keep the show on the road in the midst of ever-changing ways of keeping us safe.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted that Bargain Hunt recently ran a socially distanced episode with the auction taking place outside, with the ever exuberant Charles Hanson no less diminished by working a reduced crowd in an open-sided marquee.

Good old BBC.

Besides creative thinking with good resourcing, a key ingredient for success is the willingness to follow. In this case following guidelines and directives, and the vision of programme planners.

To his disciples, and those who would follow Jesus, he demonstrated a whole new way of living that both challenged the assumptions and norms of his day, and adapted them to bring liberty and life to all who were stuck in ways not of their making.

In this time of uncertain outcomes we are fortunate to have people working creatively to make sure we continue with as many aspects of our church life as we possibly can, adapting as we go along. And as with our life in other contexts, we do this because we know we can trust in Jesus who leads us through changing times to the sure knowledge of God’s enduring love and care.

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