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Exam Fever

It was a long time ago but I can vividly remember collecting my exam results. I felt nervous and uncertain. The weeks of build up to the day dragged on and on, and when it finally arrived it was a relief to meet other school friends all in similar frame of mind, and discover how we had done.

Whilst that day was fraught with high anxiety it was made bearable by the solidarity of friends and celebratory (whatever the results) by the loving support of family.

With hindsight I’m adding a third key factor to my list of resources: It only occurred to me much later that the love of God was with me then too, and has been with me ever since, and will remain with me for ever. That’s amazing!

As the psalmist puts it, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures for ever.” Psalm 136:1. (The whole of Psalm 136 has this repeated refrain – ‘his love endures for ever’ after every verse. Do look it up.)

And in the meantime, please pray for all those who have received exam results over these last couple of weeks. That whatever the results they will know God’s love that endures for ever, and that he will lead and guide them in the next steps of life’s great adventure.

Great and Loving Father,

your will for us in Jesus is the peace the world cannot give.

Calm all troubles hearts,

dispel every fear.

Keep us steadfast in your love

and faithful to your word,

that we may always be your dwelling place. Amen.

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