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This past year we have all learnt to value the simple act of drawing breath. We have known life taken away when people cannot breathe because they are sick, and when they are deprived by others of this most natural freedom.

This week we celebrate anew the giver of life and breath. The One who breathed into clay to bring humankind into being, sent the wind of his Spirit to blow upon Jesus’s followers gathered in Jerusalem. A new community was born, the community promised by Jesus, which has lived and breathed and witnessed to God’s love and forgiveness ever since.

We are part of this story and share this amazing experience. We claim God’s inspiration as a gift. We try to use it wisely day by day, breathing deeply, living generously. And, hopefully, soon singing together, both inside as well as outside our church.

‘Breathe on me, Breath of God,

fill me with life anew,

that I may love what thou dost love,

and do what thou wouldst do’.

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