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A Pause to Enjoy

This week is Half Term. So we remember students and teachers, especially those caught up in examinations; also all families trying to balance so many different calls on their time and energies.

It also marks the halfway point through our church year. We have shared the great festivals of our faith (Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and Pentecost), as we have followed the story of Jesus from his birth to his return to God and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our celebration of Trinity Sunday is a climax and gives us perhaps an ‘end of term’ feeling. We have learnt much about what it means to belong to a church community, how to be a good guest, how to give future generations a gift of a restored church building.

There are no real endings here. But maybe we can pause and enjoy the present moment. Time to breathe, sigh, unwind, rest, look around. And as we do any of these things, we will most likely feel grateful. For the hard work of others, for something achieved, for renewal of some kind, for the particular blessings which we receive. The world, reflecting its maker, and beyond the tragedy of human failure, is full of good things.


Lord our God,

Thank you for giving us so much to nourish and encourage us.

Thank you for Jesus who lived our life and showed us how to forgive and create anew.

Thank you for your Holy Spirit who guides us faithfully towards you,

Now and in the time to come.


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