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A Journey to Hope

We are on holiday in Thurlestone, down in Devon. A few days ago Lee and I decided to walk to Hope Cove and back. It is only 1 mile away but as many of you know I have Multiple Sclerosis so this felt like quite an undertaking. I really enjoyed the sea views and the wonderful sense of achievement as we got back. But I limped the last half a mile and stopped a couple of times to shed tears of frustration.

This got me wondering - where is God in our limitations? As I struggled down rocky steps and over protruding roots I found myself feeling all the ‘F’s - frustrated, fearful, frail, fatigued and frazzled. “It would be so much easier if I didn’t have MS” I found myself thinking, which quickly led to me wondering - God, where are you in this?

And the answer hasn’t been immediate - but it seems obvious now it has arrived. I walked to Hope Cove. Journeying with God and MS is a journey of hope. Hope in a God who sees past my limitations - God doesn’t care what I can and can’t do. Unlike our society he isn’t looking for perfection, he’s looking for me - limitations and all. And hope in the people who help - I couldn’t have got to the cove without Lee, without his patience, his encouragement, his arm!

Whatever you feel limited by please know that God sees beyond that. He sees you, and he celebrates you because he loves you.

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