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FAQs - Coming to church in person during Covid 19

Are there services I can attend in church?

  • Yes! We have three services in person each Sunday, all of which are in church, and you can find out about them here.

What restrictions are in place when services do happen in church?

  • Social distancing is not required but there is plenty of space if you would like to socially distance. 

  • Hand sanitiser is available at both main entrances to church

  • Face coverings - these are optional so you can choose whether you would like to wear one. 

  • Congregational singing is now allowed inside.  

What happens at communion services?

  • Only the bread will be distributed, and we won’t be moving around or shaking hands during the Peace.

Are services streamed online?

  • Our 10am service is streamed online.  Please note that if you attend in person, there is a chance you may appear in the livestream, although we never focus in on members of the congregation. 

How can I give?

We are not able to pass a collection plate around, but it will be placed by the doors, and our card readers is by the South door.  Or why not do your giving online?

Should I come if I’m particularly vulnerable to Covid19?

The decision is entirely yours, and we will continue to live stream our 10am service for now. Everyone will be welcome, however they decide to attend.

Click here to find out about services this week.

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