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Lent at St Peter's

Lent Courses 2024

We have 2 lent courses this year.  One on Thursday evenings at 7pm on The Life of Jesus and another on Tuesdays at 11.30am which is Reflections for Lent. 

Both courses will be held in the Octagon at St Peter's church.


Everyone is welcome to come to either or both of these courses which are held . 

The Life of Jesus 

Join us as we consider the life of Jesus, his encounters and his life changing message.  Starting on Thursday 15th February at 7pm in the Octagon the course runs for 6 weeks. 


We are delighted to welcome a different speaker each week who will focus on areas including Jesus and disability, Jesus and Women, Jesus and the Message and Jesus and Inclusivity. 


Each Session will last for an hour and be followed by refreshments. 

Thursday 15th February - Jesus and the Message 

Rev Peter Crumpler - Minister of St Paul's St Alban's 

Thursday 22 February - Jesus and Disability 

Rev Em Coley - Minister at St Peter's St Alban's 

Thursday 29 February - Jesus and the Disciples 

Lauryn Awbrey - Reader at St John's Harpenden

Thursday 7 March - Jesus and You 

Rev Charles Hudson - Archdeacon of St Alban's Cathedral 

Thursday 14 March - Jesus and Women 

Rev Jo Kelly-Moore - Dean of St Alban's Cathedral


Thursday 21 March - Jesus and Inclusivity 

Rev Richard Watson - Vicar of St Saviour's St Alban's  

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Reflections for Lent

Join us as we follow Peter's story through the events of Holy week. 






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Starting on Tuesday 20 February we will follow the 11am communion service with coffee and a half hour reflection focusing on the events of Holy Week as experienced by Peter. This informal time will include some input, discussion and prayer, and will conclude by midday. 

Takes place in the Octagon at St Peter's. 

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