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Church on the Move Sermon Series
11 June - 23 July 2023

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Through the action-packed stories of the early church in Acts we discover how they faced challenges, flourished and changed the world. 

Join us as we consider this remarkable adventure. 

Sermon Themes 

Sunday 11 June


Acts 11: 19-30

Sunday 18 June

Stephen’s Stand

Acts 7: 54-8:3

Sunday 25 June


Acts 9: 1-9

Sunday 2 July

Great News for Everyone

Acts 11: 1-18

Sunday 9 July

The Fellowship of the Believers

Acts 2: 42-47

Sunday 16 July

Philip & the Ethiopian

Acts 8: 26-40

Sunday 23 July

Building Church 

Acts 18:1-11

Every journey begins with a single step.  When faced with challenging journeys some find it easier not to start, not to take that first step. 

I imagine the disciples felt a bit like that after Jesus had left.  Gathered together wondering what next they waited, just as he’d told them to.  Then it happens.  God’s living presence inhabits them and they feel compelled, moved, enabled, to take that first step.  And the rest is history. 

As we prepare to embark on our journey, our church on the move, may we know the same living presence of God inspiring and enabling us to trust in him every step of the way.

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