Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


Climate Change is the greatest challenge affecting our generation. In the run-up to the UN Climate Conference at the end of October, we're hosting the Plenty course at St Peter's, which is a six week course designed to help us explore the issues together from a Christian perspective, looking with hope at what a just and sustainable economy might look like, and how Christians can get involved.

You can book to join us every Thursday at 8pm from 16th September to 21st October. Join us in person at St Peter's or via Zoom.  Or you can download more information about Plenty, including links to short films and reflections here.

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About the Plenty! Course

"Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that" 

David Attenborough, 'A Life on our Planet'

Is there joy in having enough?

Imagine a society where every person can flourish and everyone has enough.

Where local communities thrive.

Where the climate is stabilising and animals and plants have a home.

Plenty! is a group discussion resource developed as part of Green Christian's Joy is Enough project, and we're delighted to be able to run it at St Peter's this autumn.