Listen Again (Archive)

Listen again to some of our past sermons and talks

Together with the many activities of St Peter’s church we find our regular sermons an important part of our Christian learning and encouragement. In order to help with this the sermons from the 9.30am Sunday Parish Communion, and other special services, are posted here on our website.

Sermons are preached by different members of our ministry team and occasionally by visiting speakers. They help us to wonder and work out what the Biblical text meant in its day, and how we might engage with and respond to the inspiration and challenges of its message in our day.

Mark Dearnley - 22 April at 9.30am

Gill Keir - 8 April at 9.30am

Ruth Dearnley - 1 April at 9.30am (Easter Day)

Margaret Tinsley - 18 March at 9.30am

Gill Keir - 4 March at 9.30am

Richard Butler - 25 February at 9.30am

Charles King - 4 February at 9.30am

Mark Dearnley - 28 January at 9.30am

Margaret Tinsley - 7 January at 9.30am

Richard Butler - 31 December at 10.30am

Gill Keir - 10 December at 9.30am

Rosemary Fletcher (Minister Marlborough Road Methodist Church) - 3 December at 9.30am

Mark Dearnley - 26 November at 9.30am

Charles King - 19 November at 9.30am

Mark Dearnley - 5 November at 10.30am (Parish Requiem)

Jeffrey John (Dean of St Albans) - 29 October at 9.30am

Gill Keir - 22 October at 9.30am

Mark Dearnley - 8 October at 9.30am

Ruth Dearnley - 1 October at 10.30am (Harvest Festival)

Margaret Tinsley - 24 September at 9.30am

Charles King - 17 September at 9.30am

Jos Perris - 10 September at 10.30am

Mark Dearnley - 3 September at 9.30am

Jos Perris - 27 August at 9.30am

Jos Perris - 20 August at 9.30am

Jos Perris - 6 August at 9.30am

Margaret Tinsley - 30 July at 9.30am

Charles King - 23 July at 9.30am

Richard Butler - 16 July at 9.30am

Jos Perris - 9 July at 9.30am (Sea Sunday)

Mark Dearnley - 2 July at 10.30am (Patronal Festival)

Jos Perris - 25 June at 9.30am

Charles King - 21 May at 9.30am

Richard Butler - 7 May at 9.30am

Mark Dearnley - 30 April at 10.30am

Jos Perris - 23 April at 9.30am

Richard Butler - 2 April at 9.30am

Peter Hudson - 2 April at 6.30pm

Jos Perris - Lenten Reflection 26 March

Jos Perris - 19 March at 9.30am

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