he St Peter’s Volunteers are the lifeblood of the church, working in a range of roles to make everyone who comes to St Peter’s welcome. Volunteers do a great deal to enhance the experience and enjoyment of people coming to the church, whether they are visiting for a service or a quiet moment or to light a candle, for a wedding or baptism, to admire the building or the churchyard or to take part in a social or cultural activity. Some volunteers work closely with the Vicar to manage the church’s mission and others help to raise much-valued funds. Without these volunteers giving their time and enthusiasm, St Peter’s would not be able to provide nearly as much for its worshippers or visitors.

Why become a St Peter’s Volunteer ?

People want to help for many different reasons – everyone has a different reason or set of reasons. We welcome people from any age, background or faith. Here are some of the reasons why people volunteer at St Peter’s:

  • Variety and stimulation – you can join any of our different volunteer teams and, if you want to, you can move between different roles over time. Whatever your age you will find that working here helps you meet local people and helps you use your skills and enthusiasms. For younger volunteers there is a golden opportunity to experience volunteering which really helps build your CV.
  • Extending your faith and worship – for some serving St Peter’s is an important way of showing their love and appreciation for the church.
  • Being part of a supportive community – you will be able to join a diverse group of well over 100 local people from a range of backgrounds, all linked by their love and commitment to this place.
  • Heritage and architecture – for some, St Peter’s long and colourful history and/or the special architectural character of the church make them want to be part of the church.
  • Flexibility – we normally ask you to make a regular commitment of one or two hours per week, but we understand that you may have a busy life and we are happy to be flexible where needed. Some roles involve training but with others you can start straight away.
  • Job satisfaction – you will be playing a key role in bringing this church alive for others and helping to run it smoothly every day.
  • Support and training – you will have support from other volunteers and from the church’s staff and Ministry team, and for some roles we will offer you training.

Some of our volunteers work for an hour per work while others do considerably more – it depends on what suits you and the roles we can offer you. Why not complete the Time & Talents Form and return it to the Church Office?

What kind of volunteer roles are on offer?

We would love to hear from you if you would like to learn more about any of our volunteering roles:

    • Bellringers – ringing our splendid peal of bells (contact the Secretary)
    • Choirs – joining one of our choirs (contact Director of Music, Nick Robinson via the Church Office)
    • Coffee and tea serving – joining the Coffee Rota Team to ensure that coffee and tea are served from our kitchen after services and on other occasions (contact  Dee Court)
    • Flower arranging – bringing magic to our floral decorations
    • Friends of St Peter’s – joining the Friends Committee which organises and runs an annual programme of social and cultural events and raises funds for St Peter’s (contact Robin Farrar on Friends)
      • Event stewards – helping our events programme run smoothly
      • Event helpers – helping to ensure that events run smoothly
    • Gardening – helping to keep our gardens of remembrance in good order (contact Peter Court via the Church Office)
    • Hospitality – joining the Hospitality Team and making sure that refreshments and food are available at events and occasions within the church (contact Patricia Lloyd via the Church Office)
    • History – joining our History Group which helps bring the history of St Peter’s alive (contact Richard Butler or the Church Office)
    • Sidesmen – (includes men and women), joining our Sidesmen team who welcome the congregation as they arrive and ensure that they have the relevant service books and sheets and to direct them to a seat if necessary (contact Yvonne Buttolph via the Church Office)
    • Furniture movers – helping the Virger and others move furniture between services and setting up furniture and staging for events (contact Moira Dean or the Church Office)
    • Leaflet or card delivery – helping at various times of the year to deliver cards and leaflets to all addresses within the Parish (contact Moira Dean or the Church Office)
    • Pastoral care – helping to provide emotional and spiritual care for those in need - contact Canon Margaret Tinsley
    • Sanctuary work – contact Moira Dean or the Church Office
    • Servers – helping with ceremonial duties at the Holy Eucharist - contact Moira Dean or the Church Office
    • Sound system – joining our Sound System Team to ensure that the sound system works effectively during services and events - contact Moira Dean or the Church Office
    • Welcomers – joining the Welcome Team, making sure that those new to the church are warmly welcomed, working on the Visitor Welcome Desk providing information and selling items (contact Yvonne Buttolph via the Church Office)
    • Visitor receptionists – see Welcomers
    • Children and Youth work – join our Children and Youth work teams to help run Messy Church (contact the Church Office) or Friday@FiveThirty (contact The Revd. Jos Perris or the Church Office)
    • Alternatively please contact our Church Manager, Moira Dean on tel 01727 852787 or the Church Office on tel 01727 855485.


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