Service for burial of ashes

Burial of Ashes in the Garden of Hope, St Peter's Churchyard

St Peter’s churchyard offers a wonderful tranquil space close to St Albans city centre. Members of the local community and visitors alike appreciate relaxing in and walking through this green oasis. It is also a place rich in history and wildlife interest. It is above all else a sacred space, having been the site of a church for over a thousand years. Today it continues to offer inspiration and a peaceful place for reflection, contemplation and prayer.  

The Garden of Hope is an area within St Peter’s churchyard that has been specially set aside for the burial of ashes and as a Garden of Remembrance. It has been recently restored and re-planted, and is cared for by a partnership between St Peter’s own volunteer gardeners and the grounds maintenance team from the City and District Council. The regulations governing the care and conservation of the area are those of the Diocese of St Albans within the Church of England.

The Garden is open to other residents of St Albans as well as to parishioners of St Peter’s who may wish to request a burial of ashes. Please contact the Church Office and an appointment will be made for you to meet with one of the ministers from St Peter’s to discuss arrangements and plan a date for a short service of prayer to accompany the burial of ashes. Standard fees for this are set by the Church of England nationally and are currently £151. In addition there is a fee for the work preparing the ground, currently £55.

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