Means of memorial

In regards to means of memorial, the names of all those whose ashes are interred in the Garden are kept in a memorial book which is held on display in the church.

In addition, there is a memorial sculpture “The Tree of Life”, which has been recently installed in the Garden. This is designed to hold durable, polished stainless steel "leaves" on which an inscription can be engraved with the names and dates to commemorate the departed and those whose ashes are buried in the Garden of Hope, by permission of the Vicar of St Peter's, the incumbent. Flowers may be placed in the specially designed holders around the sculpture plinth. A “memorial leaf” with inscription costs £375. Please click here for more details. A separate form is required for each leaf. Click here for an application form.

 If you would like to come and visit the Garden and have a further conversation about the various memorial options, please get in touch with the Church Office.





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