Spring Forest Church

In St Peter’s Churchyard, St Albans 4.00pm Saturday 28th April. 

As Spring gives way to Summer... the next Forest Church which will take place before May Day this year. As the feast of England’s patron saint, St George, is on the 23rd April we are incorporating something of the story of St George in the event. Whilst being well aware that he is also remembered across Europe and Africa (Ethiopia) and in fact probably never set foot in England! We hope to be able to borrow a dragon costume, and our theme, as reflected in some of the stories and legends around St George will include the triumph of good over evil and the dragon representing anti-life and greed, both of which bear upon current environmental concerns.

As well as this there will be plenty of opportunity for maypole dancing.

This event is being held at the story-telling circle, with the maypole close by, and we will have gazebos for refreshments and craft work in case the weather is determined to carry on in its present vein!


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