Interested in Joining?

Do you like singing? Enjoy making music? Want to be part of a great team? If your answer to even one of these questions is ‘yes’, you should have a look at what St Peter’s choir has to offer.

For those who make up the choir, singing at services every Sunday and rehearsals during the week is quite a commitment — especially in this day and age. So why do they do it? What makes it so worthwhile?

For a start, the choir is a lively, enthusiastic and friendly group. There’s true enjoyment in performing works from the range of great choral music composed over the last five hundred years. And there’s also the satisfaction from working as part of a successful team that achieves high standards.

Singing at St Peter’s provides a great musical education. There’s a strong social aspect too — there is recreation time and there are social events during the year. And the choir tours every couple of years, often abroad.

In addition the girls and boys are paid every three months for their attendance at services and practices. The pay increases with experience and extra sums are paid for singing at weddings.

The 'uniform' is provided, together with all the music. And the choir takes a break during the sumer holiday.

There is further general information on the choirs page.

Who can join?

Girls and boys don’t have to come from a church-going family. And they don’t need any prior musical knowledge to join – a comprehensive musical training is provided.

We do encourage girls and boys to learn a musical instrument and those that do find that singing regularly helps this enormously.

How to find out more?

We invite parents to contact Nicholas Robinson, Director of Music, by telephone or e-mail via the Church Office. He can then arrange for you and your daughter or son to come along to meet us, and for them to attend a few practices and services.

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