St Peter’s church supports many different causes and charities.

We annually donate ‘mission giving funds’ to charity, as well as providing practical support. We also organise special fund raising events or initiatives to collect and/or raise funds which we donate.

We hold a programme of Wednesday lunchtime recitals which are organised by St Peter’s and held in our church. The concerts are free but everyone is invited to contribute a donation and the money raised goes to Rennie Grove Hospice Care (also known locally as Grove House). In July a representative from Rennie Grove attended the last concert of the summer season to thank St Peter's for its continuing support of their work, and to acknowledge £8,232 which has been raised in the last year.

The St Peter's Lunchtime concert team with Nicola MacKinnon from Rennie Grove

Picture of Rennie Grove presentation at St Peter's lunchtime concert July 2016

We also support Open Door, a homelessness charity based in St Albans with funds and volunteers. Our youth groups Friday@Five and Youth Café participate in the annual Sleep Out at the Abbey in December and we raise over £1,000 each year for the charity. We also give additional funding from our general mission budget. We run a rota to provide lunch to drop-ins at Open Door every Friday. And at Harvest Festival time, members of St Peter’s make donations of food to the night shelter.

Members of St Peter’s were actively involved in managing the set-up of The Living Room in St Albans, a non-residential rehabilitation programme for people suffering from addictions. Members of St Peter’s are trustees of the charity and we also give significant funding from our general mission budget to support the St Albans centre.

Other charities associated with St Peter’s (and of which members of St Peter’s are trustees) are the Aid in Sickness Fund (which makes grants to people in need in the Parish), the United Almshouse Trust (which runs almshouses in the parish) and the Cross Keys Charity (which makes grants to people in need in the Abbey and St Peter’s parishes). See St Peter's Charities for more details.

Members of our youth group, Youth Café, run a monthly Traidcraft stall during the 10.30 community coffee time between our Sunday morning services. We sell a range of Fairtrade products.

Members of St Peter’s regularly donate food which is given to the local St Albans Food Bank and we are looking to develop our involvement in this project.

During Christian Aid week, members of St Peter’s carry out house-to-house collections on behalf of the charity and there is also a special Christian Aid service where the whole collection goes to the charity.

At Harvest Festival time, there is a special Harvest service and the collection all goes to the Bishop's Harvest Appeal.

We have regularly given to the Disasters Emergency Committee in times of emergency.

In addition to these established links, we are currently looking to develop a long term, strategic partnership with an Overseas Mission Project.


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