Civic Role

St Peter’s is a church for the city and plays an important role in the civic life of St Albans.

The Vicar of St Peter’s has, in the past, acted as the Mayor’s Chaplain.

The City’s annual Remembrance Day service is led by the Vicar of St Peter’s, with choral music from our choirs. This service involves the Royal British Legion, the Mayor and other local dignitaries, together with representatives of many of the uniformed services. Other local churches and leaders of the other major faith groups in St Albans are also represented at this ecumenical service.

In December, the Mayor’s Carols are held round the Christmas tree by the War Memorial (next to the church), and the service is led by the Vicar of St Peter’s with the choirs taking a leading part.

At the annual Food and Drink Festival in the autumn, we process into the centre of the market where the Vicar of St Peter’s blesses the Farmers’ market and the choirs sing.

Lately each June the annual Alban Pilgrimage procession has started at St Peter’s, and walked through the city centre, before ending at the Abbey where the martyrdom of Alban is re-enacted spectacularly. This is followed by a Service of Holy Communion at the Abbey.

In recent years, the Vicar of St Peter’s and some PCC members have participated in consultative groups about the Strategic Local Plan, re-development of key city centre sites, tourism initiatives and improvements to city centre amenities such as signage and street furniture. St Peter’s continues to be represented as these projects progress.

And St Peter’s joins in the annual St Albans Pancake Race on Shrove Tuesday, entering one or sometimes two teams, and was very proud to get into the final in 2015.


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