Vision for Mission and Ministry


We are called to be a Church for the City - welcoming all, celebrating life, sharing the journey


As the historic town church, we seek to serve the life of our city and parish in partnership with others, and to make God’s love visible. This includes support of civic occasions, community events, city-wide development, the work of local charitable organisations in line with our priorities, and our hosting of concerts and the arts.

We have faith in the city.


We seek to offer generous hospitality and the inclusive welcome of Christ to all who come through our doors, whether newcomers, visitors, pilgrims, shoppers, those seeking weddings and baptisms or those requesting other kinds of help.

We embrace diversity.


We seek to celebrate as sacred the life of all creation and to promote human flourishing. This includes our commitment to issues of global justice and the environment; to music, liturgy and learning which nourish the human spirit; and to the nurturing of children and young people in the faith.

We cherish the gift of life.


We seek to be pilgrims on a journey into deeper knowledge and love of God, and to build a Christ-centred community at the core of church life. We are called through our mutual care and pastoral ministry to share in life’s celebrations and sorrows, and to inspire faith today in continuity with St Peter’s ancient witness.

We invite you to travel with us.

If you would like to know more about our vision and the way we are seeking to live it out, please have a look at our vision document and at our most recent mission action newsletter:

Vision Document MAP Newsletter April 2017
St Peter's Vision
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Vision Update
 April 2017
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