Vision and Values

After many hours of deliberation, consultation, prayer and work with the PCC we have agreed the next phase of St Peter’s Mission Action Plan. Here is our new Vision document which details our vision and values. Hard copies can be picked up in the church.

 It feels quite right that we spent time on this aspect of our MAP as these important features shape the culture of our church life and inform our priorities and actions and activities over the next 5 years. We have identified some key texts from the Bible which underline our values. The words running along the bottom of the page of the document also capture the feel and culture of enacting our vision.

 Our Vision

 We are working on the best way of expressing our vision in words and graphics at the moment, but we are clear about what drives it:

  • A church for the City - Six years ago it was strongly recognised that St Peter’s is a church for the City of St Albans. We are located centrally in St Albans, the commercial centre of the City falls largely within our parish, including the civic centre, and for centuries St Peter’s has had an important role in the City’s civic and commercial life. We continue to recognise the responsibilities that this involves to the people who live and work around us.
  • Our community – The Parish of St Peter’s stretches from Stonecross in the north to the north orbital road in the south and includes economically very diverse residential areas as well as the commercial centre.
  • Our networks – Those who see St Peter’s as ‘their’ church have networks which spread within and far afield from St Albans, including those with whom they work or go to school, friendship groups, relatives and, increasingly, groups formed around social media platforms.
  • God’s transforming work – We are called to be transformational – to make a difference in our communities and to spread the good news of Jesus. St Albans is a relatively wealthy and comfortable place for many of its population, but there are also those who confront serious challenges: young professional people working very long hours in this traditional commuter town, those struggling with debt and high housing costs, isolation and, of course, those who are physically or mentally unwell. And, indeed, there is a persistent problem of homelessness in St Albans. Over the next five years we will continue to identify our priorities for mission in our surrounding communities with these challenges in mind.

Our Values

•             Everyone is included – St Peter’s is a welcoming church where all who come are accepted and valued. This means we foster an environment which does not discriminate on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality. Everyone is welcome.

•             Loving and generous service is celebrated – In continuity with the witness of faithful believers at St Peter’s across more than one thousand years, we will acknowledge, celebrate and affirm their legacy by being committed to serving others today

•             Faith is nurtured and developed – We will encourage, teach and walk alongside all who seek to be disciples of Christ according to our own gifts and capacity. By personal prayer and study we will develop our own faith and our ability to nurture others. We embrace our special responsibility to cherish and encourage the faith of children and young people.

•             Everyone is inspired to reach their God-given potential – By our example, with our encouragement and through our teaching we will seek to inspire all who come to St Peter’s to reach their potential as disciples and as human beings made in God’s image, and to live God’s gift of life in all its fullness.

Note from the Vicar

My thanks to all, who by their insight and skill, have helped to add shape and structure to this important work and are continuing to help develop the next step of our tasks and priorities.


If you would like to know more about our vision and values, please have a look at our Vision document:

Vision Document
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