Lectio Divina

Opening our hearts to God's Word

Lectio divina is simply a Latin term meaning ‘divine reading’, which we apply to the reading of holy scripture.  Instead of studying the Bible with notes and commentaries, we read a short passage together aloud, slowly and carefully.   Then we allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit to a particular word or phrase, which in some way ‘leaps off the page’ for us.  We spend some time in quiet with our own word or phrase, to let it speak to us and to feed us with its meaning.  It is a gentle and quiet process, inherited from the early years of our Church.                                                

The group usually meets once a month at 8pm on a Monday or Tuesday evening in the Library. See News & Events for forthcoming dates or email the Church Office for details mail@stpeterschurch.uk.com.

The passages from the Bible are supplied.  All are very welcome to visit, as we explore this ancient and rewarding practice.


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