Caring for Creation

In recent years we have begun to address environment issues in two areas.

First we undertook an eco-audit of our church buildings, looked at developing energy-saving schemes and began to work towards a purchasing policy that is fairly traded, eco-friendly and energy saving. Following this we restored the neglected land around our church to create a Living Churchyard. This tranquil, light-filled green acre in the heart of our city offers a safe space for reflection and a place where wildlife can flourish. 

Our vision for St Peter’s includes celebrating the sacred life of all creation and committing to work for global justice and the environment. At our outdoor Forest Church, we celebrate the changing seasons. 

The context for our environment work is the scientific evidence which now overwhelmingly supports the view that climate change is the major challenge facing us this century. The Church endorses this view describing it as “the greatest moral issue facing the world” and a recent conference of Anglican Bishops produced the following report 'The World is our Host: A Call to Urgent Action for Climate Justice', available from the Anglican Communion Environment Network.

News and updates from the Diocesan Environment Officer are available from the Diocesan environment website.

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