Friday, October 09, 2015
Is recycling now a waste of time?

Now that Britain is in recession and the demand for materials is being undermined, could waste recycling be a waste of time?

Reports that the bottom has fallen out of the recycling market are unsettling, especially when the cold weather makes the job of hauling out the green bin unpopular.  But we do not think that this should be an excuse for not bothering.

China has been taking over of half of Britain’s 9 million tonnes of waste paper, using it for packaging. But as we are not buying as many products from China as we were, it’s appetite for waste paper has fallen.

Rather than seeing this as a signal for recycling less we should perhaps recognise that while recession is with us our carbon footprint will be reduced a little giving us a little more precious time to get our minds around the idea of a lower carbon life-style. It is perhaps the moment to focus on supporting British businesses that are working with UK waste to produce recycled products, while at the same time substituting more non-recycled products which we use for recycled ones.  In any case we hope that the recession is only here for the short-term, and we need to plan for the long-term.

British companies which produce recycled products can be found at     Examples of such companies include Remarkable Stationery and Nouvelle Toilet Paper.

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Greening the Church Meetings
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Meetings usually last for up to 90 minutes. If meetings on Wednesday or Thursday evenings are likely to be difficult for you in 2010, and you want to participate in these meetings, please let Dennis Parker know (

Join Us

Are you thinking of trading in your SUV for a hybrid?

Do you routinely use reusable shopping bags?

Do you use recycled paper in your printer?

Are you trying to avoid purchasing products encased in large amounts of packaging?

Have you switched to low energy light bulbs and a green energy supplier?

Are you routinely sorting your waste into recycling containers of different kinds?

Do you sometimes cycle or walk rather than driving?

Do you know the arguments for and against carbon offsetting?

Are you considering offsetting the carbon emission consequences of your next flight?

Do you see the link between religion and environmentalism?

If any of these sort of issues interest you, why not join us in helping to move the green community initiative forward ?  You can join by contacting either Dennis Parker ( or Sally Martin ( and/or by just coming along at any time to one of the evening meetings organised in 2009 to take the initiative forward.  

The dates and other details of these meetings are given above.  You can commit yourself to just as little or as much as you want.  You can just give your view if you wish, or you can help organise some of the actions which we are planning to take forward in 2009 and beyond, and you can help shape these initiatives at the same time.  If you have no experience of environmental issues, then it does not matter.  However, if you have experience of them, come along and let us learn from your experience.


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