Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Who can be married?

Wedding coupleAs the law stands, anyone who lives in the parish may marry at St Peter's after the reading of banns. If you do not live in the parish, you can be married at St Peter's if you join the Electoral Roll of the church. This is not the civil Register of Electors, but a list of everyone who regularly worships at St Peter's. To join the Electoral Roll, you must be baptised, attend church services regularly for six months, and then fill in a simple application form.

If you want to book your wedding before joining the Electoral Roll, we ask you to sign a declaration of intent to worship here regularly for six months, in order that your banns will be valid when they are read.

Your banns must be read on three consecutive Sundays, any time in three months before your wedding. They can be read at 9.30am or 11am. Please come and hear them.

If either of you live in another parish, they must also be read in that church, and you will need to produce a certificate to say that they have been read there before we can marry you.

If either of you does not hold a British passport, you should be married by Licence (not after Banns). Please talk to the clergy about getting one.

If one or both are you divorced, it may be possible to conduct a marriage service for you at St Peter's. You need to produce the decree absolute finalising the divorce(s). The bishop must be informed of the circumstances of such decisions, so we will meet you both to talk about the circumstances of the divorce(s) and proposed marriage. Otherwise, these discussions are confidential, and should happen before you book the wedding.

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