Sunday, October 04, 2015

DancingThere are a wide range of activities on offer at St Peter's. Children can learn to play and pray; adults can choose between such options as ringing a peal of Grandsire Triples and a trip to the theatre. You can sing, make music, make a difference to the life of your community, or simply make time for silence, stillness and prayer in the midst of a busy life. The choice is yours.

We try to provide opportunites for people to explore aspects of spirituality that interest them. We are not a "party" church - so we are neither Evangelical nor High Church. Indeed, all such labels are, we would argue, increasingly irrelevant to most people. However, we do believe that all people are children of God, and as such we can all explore the spiritual terrain with interest and wonder, while remaining open to the insights of others.

The only camp we are in is campanology - we have ten bells and are a regional centre of excellence for bell ringing. Our Ringers have won the Kimpton Cup for the past two years, so if you want to learn the art of bell ringing start here!

Click for more information on adult activities and children's activities.

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